Finger Licking Good Food in Sydney: Three Tested and Approved Eating Places


I have a comprehensive picture of my monthly expenditures. A ridiculously large amount of money is allocated to F-O-O-D. But I don’t regret it. Not a second.

  • I truly enjoy cooking, but the long office hours force me to eat out twice a day.
  • Sydney boasts a variety of restaurants, pubs, bars and coffee houses. There’s a lot of ground to cover, where to start?
  • Although not touched in this posted, having breakfast along the way to the office is a tasty way to start your day.

Three tested and approved eating places in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Mad Cow Mondays at Tailors on Central on Mary Street

Meat is murder. But it’s a sweet, o so sweet, murder! Tailors on Central offers a superb combination of steak, live music and pool (and poker on Tuesdays). Since it’s next to the office, I team up with colleagues to devour the grilled steaks, french fries and salads. And the best thing is: they have béarnaise sauce!

As many restaurants in Sydney, bring your own bottle (commonly abbreviated as BYO(B)) is totally accepted. And since the national sport in Australia is drinking, it can produce rather amusing situations. Especially if you have work to finish after dinner.

Lunch at Taste on Foveaux Street

Taste claims to have the freshest baguettes of Sydney. And I share this view. The crispy baguettes come fresh from the oven and are baked 15 minutes before lunch to ensure maximum crispness. Next the baguettes are filled with freshly grilled meats & salads.

I’m eating my way through the long list of baguettes. To date, I’ve tested the following baguettes: Chicken Schnitzel, Grilled Portuguese Chicken, Char grilled Provencale Vegetables (I was in a rare veggie mood after too many Mad Cow Mondays), Smoked Salmon and Vietnamese Style Lemongrass Beef. I plan (it’s all about time management not?) to finish the list of baguettes this week and continue with the lunch menus, yummy!

And their coffee is superb too. Life’s just too short for bad coffee.

The numerous Indian restaurants on Crown Street

As is typical of many Indian restaurants, guests choose from a wide variety of curries to which a royal portion of rice and chopped herbs is added. The butter chicken curry and mixed vegetable curry (with eggplant) are two of my favorite picks.

Jazushi & Hotel Clarendon on Devonshire Street

What’s better than food? Maybe jazz and food!

Hotel Carendon has an atmospheric pub where you can enjoy a mouth-watering Sunday roast and live jazz music from 5.30 pm. Jazushi in turn, not only serves beautiful sushi, but also food for your ears. The best saxophonists of Sydney play their songs in a gorgeous setting.  Finish with an agari (green tea).



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