Exploring Sydney 2.0

I missed my target of one blog per week after barely one month of blogging. The internet never sleeps and neither does this company and its employees. We make the internet.

  • To do lists never finish and we set the pace for global e-commerce.
  • It’s time to catch up. This is an extra juicy post loaded with pictures.
  • Long bike rides and beach barbecues have filled my last weekends. And they should since winter is kicking in.

Sydney is one of the most livable cities to be found anywhere in the world. The sparkling harbor waters, international dining scene and the indescribable outdoor lifestyle make up for the long hours at the office.


Our Managing Director organized an epic birthday party at Hugos Lounge, one of the most exclusive clubs in Australia. On invitation only, a strict dress code, celebs, a no camera policy and music knocking till the morning light. Fun times.

An other upmarket cocktail bar with irresistible finger food and (French) red wine is the Opera Bar. Live music and a clear view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.




Bondi beach is only a 30 minute bike ride from my doorstep. It’s Sydney’s favorite stretch of blue and gold and attracts many surfers who ride the waves till dusk. A 45 minute spectacular walk to the South brings you to Coogee beach, again a great hangout to forget the keyboarding.



New beaches

A little further are the beaches of Manly and Shelly. Could they surpass my expectations?

Yes! Definitely!

I went the first time to Manly by bicycle. It’s a long ride to the North and I tried to avoid the major roads by taking little trails through forests. This way, I also hoped to find kangaroos, koalas or other native species. Or at least a few venomous spiders or huge, deadly snakes. But no, nothing but a stupid lizard. Manly beach, however, is the place to be for beach volley, catching big few waves and frisbee at sunset.

Shelly beach in turn, boasts massive sandstones, lush bushland , dramatic coastlines and BBQ. A picture is worth a thousands words and I have to get back to make some! Maybe tomorrow.



Also the Manly ferry trip is a quintessential Sydney experience. I tried to take the ferry around sunset to catch a few stunning sunsets. Only the weather put an inconvenient finger in the pie and I wasn’t able to save my laundry from the thunderstorms. Just Too Late.



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