The Airbus A380: Taking Flying to the Next Level

It is Massive. It is Huge. It is Big. It is the Airbus A380.

  • Although already in commercial service since October 2007, I hadn’t got a chance to board an A380. Now I got.
  • On board you find new levels of comfort, style and innovation. What the heck should you do on a plane?
  • Say goodbye to tiny TV screens, each passenger has a high-quality personal entertainment system.

The Airbus A380 is the largest and most technologically advanced aircraft ever build. The jet airliner is not only very quiet, it also provides you with rather spacious seats. OK, fair enough, you are still a little cramped in economy class (use SeatGuru to pick your seat in advance!) and dining will never be the three-star Michelin experience, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.  And if you/your company pays for first class, you will find suits with a full-size bed, a bar and wine ‘cellar’.

And Singapore Airlines’ staff is feeding you well. Hooray for ice cream and brownies! The personal entertainment system includes a wide range of movies, TV series and music. But what was new to me is the on-board wi-fi connection, the possibility to connect (USB) devices to your TV screen (for instance browsing through your holiday pictures on the large TV screen), charge your laptop and the extensive gaming options. You can for instance play multiplayer games as Tetris with your neighbor.

Also the super efficient Singaporean Changi airport is impressive. A combination of glass, steel and green. The same materials as used in the city itself. Singapore found a great balance between urbanization and lush forests and parks.



Changi Aiport has slides instead of elevators:





4 thoughts on “The Airbus A380: Taking Flying to the Next Level

  1. ciao, impressive plane! non l’ho mai preso. Are you back to Australia or still in Singapore? saluti.papà

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